Some say this region has been cursed by the gods. Others claim its inhabitants bring their own foul curses upon themselves. Other theories abound, from graphometrical sages saying the entire region has been built on the crossing of the leylines of Death and Despair, to others claiming demons are going to destroy the world from within and starting with Ustalav. Even crazier theories abound as to just why the area seems bleak and desolate, even in times of plenty.

These uninspired ideas, however true they might be, hold little comfort to those who find their lives encapsulated by these gothic borders. Stories that other people would use to scare their children into behaving are, instead, told to children as a word of warning. The things that go bump in the night are real, in Ustalav, and have real power and motivations.

The Story So Far…

See the Campaign Timeline for a more precise breakdown of what and when.

Somewhere, somehow, each of these brave souls came into association with Professor Lorrimor. Years passed, friendships were made and lost, acquaintances made and forgotten, and the Professor fell out of touch with his old contacts. Out of touch, that is, until a messenger delivers a message, asking each of them to come to the Professor’s retired home of Ravengro as quickly as they can manage.

When they arrive, though, they discover that it was their good friend’s death that brought them all together. His request keeps them there for a month to watch over Kendra Lorrimor, and in that time, they discover that Ravengro is haunted by the nearby ruins of Harrowstone Prison. They earn their marks as adventurers by not shying away from the task of exorcising the ghosts and haunts that have long plagued those storied ruins.

Now that their time in Ravengro draws to a close, the Professor’s last request is to deliver a curious set of books to the university town of Lepidstadt. There, Judge Embreth Daramid will have the Professor’s final thanks, in the sum of one hundred platinum pieces for each of these brave souls. She also asks them to investigate a trio of crimes so that a fair trial can occur.


Players! Please note the Campaign rules, as well as the Character creation rules, as well as the Lazy GM’s bribes opportunities for bonus experience. Don’t forget about the handy resources for players. Also, since we’re going to be trying for a Gothic Horror feel to the campaign, help me come up with good tips and tricks to roleplaying in a gothic horror campaign.

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Tyrannus Susurrat

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