Tyrannus Susurrat

Kronus Journal Entry - 6 Nethys

We have spent several days now exploring Schloss Caromarc, expecting to find Count Caromarc. All that we have found so far have been hostile creatures and disappointment. We were met at the gate by trollhounds and trolls who had beaten in the front gate, and with some effort, we took the tower. Upon further investigation, the trolls had locked two of their own outside of the tower on the bridge side, where they were trapped between a flesh golem, a hard place, and certain untimely death at the bottom of a waterfall. We spent the night in that tower, bathing in all of the horrific stench of trolls. On a side note… There was a poor soul who I presume to be one of the count’s guards that was left dismembered in the tower. He was given a proper burial outside in the evening before we took our sleep for the night.

The next day, we met the Flesh Golem Guard Hound at the door to the manor. Frankly, it did not seem to like our presence, and attacked us. After a short battle, I successfully pushed the hound off the bridge, and by effect, over the falls. It was then that we were faced with the nigh impossible task of entering the building through a locked door. Through some ingenuity, Syrian managed his way in through a window, but nearly lost his life before unlocking the door for the rest of us to enter. The mechanical beast that wounded Syrian now lay before us in the lobby of the manor, and as we entered, a magical trap summoned an air elemental behind us on the bridge. It was a lengthy battle, but we prevailed. It was then that we decided to head back to the tower of rotten stench to rest again before pressing on.

Damn the luck, though, as we discovered that the rest of the manor was empty, save for a few warm beds, some food, some fine wine, and a distinct lack of troll-stench. I did claim a bottle of the count’s fine wine as a prize for my efforts, though.

It took some time to search the house, but alas we did not find a means to continue further into the next building. So we used Syrian’s infinitely useful rope of climbing to scale up to the roof, and over to the other side where there was yet another bridge waiting for us. The next building held an… unpleasant surprise… We opened the door to find a nest of rust monsters had taken residence there. One of them attempted to eat my blade, my most valuable inheritance from my father, and I felt as though it were trying to eat a part of my own body. I knew instantly that it must die and die quickly as hatred flared within my mind. I could hear something in the back of my mind, chanting “Kill it! Kill it! Kill it NOW!” We dispatched them quickly, but it was admittedly, a frightening event.

From there we pressed on across a shaky rope bridge, only to be met with another magical trap. This time an Erinyes was summoned to stop us, and proved to be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, Julia was able to strike a critical blow to the devil’s wing and arm, sealing its fate for the rest of us.

The next building was uneventful at first, but we eventually wandered into a room filled with sarcophagi, one of which had preserved a rather odd-looking individual who now travels with us. By observation of his actions, I can safely say that he is an arcanist, but I see no spellbook or spell components on his person, which leads me to believe that he is a sorcerer. Nevertheless, the man looks lanky and rotten, with a half-mad glint in his eyes. I do not trust him. It was in that same room that we were attacked by a mummy and two mimics that were quickly dispatched. What came next was substantially more difficult.

It is no secret that my favored tactic in combat is to use magic to grow to giant size and enhance my strength. I would imagine it a terrible sight to behold for most ignorant folk in the world. The creature that emerged from the basement below us was easily as tall as I, despite my enlarged stature. It had no face, but instead had several smaller flying constructs, homunculi, guiding it. It was a short fight, but a tough one nonetheless.

Afterward, we found ourselves traversing a narrow trail along the jagged cliffs toward the next structure, a set of four towers. The interior of this small complex was flooded, with the water being about 3 feet deep. Hardly an obstacle for a giant among men, so I took the lead, only to open an underwater pit filled with massive swarms of parasites. The parasites were quick in their work, latching on where ever they could and draining me of my lifeblood. In mere seconds I was weaker, dizzy and about to pass out from loss of blood. I barely managed to stumble away and out of the water, collapsing behind the rest of the group nearly dead. I do not often pray to Nethys, for I understand that he does not often meddle in the affairs of an individual, but in that moment, I prayed. I prayed that Nethys would not take me, for there is so much more that I must accomplish. In my near-dead delirium, the others killed the leeches, and apparently a group of undead that were waiting in a second trap. Basilla got me back up on my feet so that we could retreat back to a safe place to rest. Today has been a hell of a day.

Kronus Journal Entry - No Date

(Scribbled into Kronus’s journal with no date attached)

I must be losing my mind. I AM losing my mind. At first I thought nothing of it, but now I am quite certain that I am hearing voices. Not all the time, no. But I am hearing voices in my head. Is this the result of my labors through the years? Note to self: Rust Monsters. Hate Rust Monsters. Hate them with a passion. Almost as much as necromancers. We’re moving on again…

Kronus Journal Entry - 30 Lamashan

I must admit that it is still difficult to swallow that The Beast may be an innocent creature. Every ounce of my fiber yearns for some shred of evidence that our findings have been mislead by coincidence and that The Beast is somehow guilty in these matters. I am apparently not the only person with these feelings, as after the finding that the beast is innocent of the second charge, the citizens of Lepidstadt formed into an angry mob and attempted to take The Beast from his cell in order to punish it without trial. This is in spite of the fact that the dead children themselves testified in the courtroom that it was not The Beast that killed them. It took a great deal of discipline to keep from joining them, but in the end, the law and the system must be upheld. If we allow ourselves to slip away from a civilized method of justice, then we are no better than those that we seek to condemn.

After presenting our compelling evidence to the court, we headed out to investigate the burned asylum. We weren’t able to find much, but we were able to gather up some clues that lead us to an alchymic workshop. Things did seem to go awry from the very start when speaking with Grimes, the filthy co-owner of the workshop. He held a very aggressive demeanor masked by the “pleasantries” of business. Indeed, I believe that he aimed to threaten us with the undead hound golem that patrols the front of the building. Inside was a menagerie of twisted abominations called mongrelmen. These were apparently the workers in the vile factory. Shortly into the tour, Grimes became more overtly hostile and began to flee, ordering the mongrelmen to attack us. The pathetic beasts were hardly a match for our group, so our investigations went on virtually unhindered.

It was in the closet of Grimes’s partner that we discovered a set of human skins, the likes of which would be worn by a vile creature that can switch freely between the skins to appear as different persons in the town. It is clear now that our adversary could be anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Kronus Journal Entry: 29 Lamashan

On very few occasions has such confusion gripped my mind. It would seem that The Beast may not be guilty of the crimes for which he stands accused. On the first charge, he has been proven innocent by none other than Basilla, Syrian, and Julia.

Indeed, I have regrouped with the others, and joined in their task of investigating The Beast’s Crimes. We investigated Hergstag earlier this evening, and we did discover beyond all doubt that The Beast had no involvement in to murder of the six children that died there. It would seem that they were slain by a wraith, and afterward, their spirits rose as wraith spawns. Unfortunately, we only dispatched three of the six spawns before we took care of the original wraith… So now there are three more full-fledged wraiths roaming about. In any case, we have recovered the missing bodies of four of the children, and gathered enough evidence to prove the… innocence.. of The Beast.

Tomorrow, we will present our evidence to the court.

(Scribbled in as side notes on this page) During the encounter with the wraiths in Hergstag, I heard a voice… Not the voice of one of my comrades, no.. But a voice I feel that I have heard before. Perhaps it was simply the wraiths playing tricks on my mind, but it seemed strange.

Kronus Journal Entry: 28 Lamashan

Still no sign of the others. It makes me wonder if they have been delayed in their travels. If I do not see them tomorrow, I may have to trek back towards Ravengro to see if I can ascertain their fate.

The town also seems to be rather anxious about the trial of “The Beast.” I, for one, can’t wait for the trial to end so that I may see that vile creature burn. This is just more proof that those who dabble in necromancy are destined to become evil.

Kronus Journal Entry: 27 Lamashan

I arrived in Lepidstadt a bit later than I had hoped, due in large part to the last-minute alteration to my chosen course. On the road, I caught sight of a group of mutated humanoids, and while they did not appear overly hostile, I decided not to take any chances. If the others encounter them, their numbers should prove less intimidating.

In other notes, Lepidstadt seems to be bustling with news about a creature they call “The Beast.” From what I gather, “The Beast” is a flesh golem, an abomination of Necromancy. It stands accused of several murders in the surrounding area, and it goes on trial soon. Surely such a vile creation will be brought to justice. I only hope they execute it publicly so I may witness the destruction of the abomination. It will be yet another small victory over Necromancers everywhere.

Kronus Journal Entry: 26 Lamashan

I have set out on the road to Lepidstadt in advance of the others so that I may gauge the dangers that lie ahead and warn them if need be. The road thus far has proven uneventful, and as such, I have made excellent time. With good luck and fair weather, I should arrive in Lepidstadt around mid day tomorrow.

Currently, the hour has grown late, and I have set up camp on the road. I must say, the stars are quite stunning tonight. I pray that the weather is as nice tomorrow.

Session #8 - Requests!

If you’re getting this in your email, you’re encouraged to write a post OR go look at the post on the wiki.

Someone(s) couldn’t make Session #8, and so he/she needs to be kept in the loop. Same story as before: 500 experience, minimum, to anyone who can write an in-character perspective on what happened. More if you can dazzle me with your brilliance.

Session #7 - Requests!

Someone couldn’t make Session #7, and so he/she needs to be kept in the loop. 500 exp minimum to anyone who writes an in-character adventure log post to keep him/her up to speed.

Kronus Journal Entry: 2 Lamashan

We attempted to investigate the lower level of Harrowstone today. Attempted and failed. We headed in through a large hole in the floor of the eastern prison, and were immediately met by more spirits of dead prisoners. They were dispersed quickly thanks to the Oracle, Basilla. Her ability to channel positive energy into the surrounding area has proven to be a great boon time and time again. Even more impressive is the fact that she is skilled enough to exclude the Dhampir, Julia, from the burst, leaving her unharmed.

From there, we headed through a corridor to the west, where we were engaged by a group of flaming skeletons. I dare say that they were a bit more impressive looking than the foes we had met before, but they were dispatched quite easily. I would also like to add that I am getting quite sick of the smell of burnt bone and singed rotting cloth.

It was when we headed northward that we ran into real trouble. We encountered another flaming skeleton, but this one was much different from the others. This skeleton was no pushover. This most fearsome enemy brought Julia to within an inch of her life in just one mighty swing. Fortunately, I was able to pull her unconscious body from the fray while Syrian and Miles took the creature down. Julia’s injuries are further complicated by the fact that she is not technically alive to begin with, and cannot be healed in the same manner as myself or another member of the party. Her form requires the use of negative energy to heal, much the same as one of the skeletons we have been fighting would. I shall have to spend time investigating ways to heal our Dhampir comrade while she recovers naturally from her injuries. I believe that a means to heal her is something that we truly cannot go on without, as she is a valuable member of the team, and the most resistant the being possessed. Truly, we would be weaker without her.

Worst of all, I fear that greater evils await us deeper in the dungeons.


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