Tyrannus Susurrat

Kronus Journal Entry: 1 Lamashan

We did an investigation of the ground floor and second story of Harrowstone Prison. The ruins are decidedly haunted by the spirits of those who have died there. I am at least thankful that this is a supernatural haunt, and not a work of necromancy. God, have I had my fill of necromancers. We have cleaned out the levels that we explored, and laid to rest some of the spirits there. The most notable of these spirits, in my mind, was the spirit of “Father Charlatan,” a man that purportedly traveled across the land pretending to be a priest of any number of deities. He would use his status as a “priest” to perform false miracles in exchange for large sums of gold. A truly despicable man.

It was on the second floor’s west balcony that we had our closest encounter with Father Charlatan. During a fight with a possessed execution scythe, the Oracle, Basilla, became bound by spectral chains identical to the ones that had bound the corpse of the dead con-artist. In an attempt to aid Basilla, I attempted to cast a Corrosive Touch spell on the malignant enemy, only to end up harming Basilla instead. It was truly embarrassing and quite confusing, to be honest. I’ve never faced an ethereal opponent that would not be harmed by arcane magics.

Afterward, we returned to Ravengro to rest and recuperate in preparation for a second expedition tomorrow. I do hope that we find more answers in the dungeon than we did today.



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