Tyrannus Susurrat

Kronus Journal Entry: 2 Lamashan

We attempted to investigate the lower level of Harrowstone today. Attempted and failed. We headed in through a large hole in the floor of the eastern prison, and were immediately met by more spirits of dead prisoners. They were dispersed quickly thanks to the Oracle, Basilla. Her ability to channel positive energy into the surrounding area has proven to be a great boon time and time again. Even more impressive is the fact that she is skilled enough to exclude the Dhampir, Julia, from the burst, leaving her unharmed.

From there, we headed through a corridor to the west, where we were engaged by a group of flaming skeletons. I dare say that they were a bit more impressive looking than the foes we had met before, but they were dispatched quite easily. I would also like to add that I am getting quite sick of the smell of burnt bone and singed rotting cloth.

It was when we headed northward that we ran into real trouble. We encountered another flaming skeleton, but this one was much different from the others. This skeleton was no pushover. This most fearsome enemy brought Julia to within an inch of her life in just one mighty swing. Fortunately, I was able to pull her unconscious body from the fray while Syrian and Miles took the creature down. Julia’s injuries are further complicated by the fact that she is not technically alive to begin with, and cannot be healed in the same manner as myself or another member of the party. Her form requires the use of negative energy to heal, much the same as one of the skeletons we have been fighting would. I shall have to spend time investigating ways to heal our Dhampir comrade while she recovers naturally from her injuries. I believe that a means to heal her is something that we truly cannot go on without, as she is a valuable member of the team, and the most resistant the being possessed. Truly, we would be weaker without her.

Worst of all, I fear that greater evils await us deeper in the dungeons.



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