Tyrannus Susurrat

Kronus Journal Entry: 27 Lamashan

I arrived in Lepidstadt a bit later than I had hoped, due in large part to the last-minute alteration to my chosen course. On the road, I caught sight of a group of mutated humanoids, and while they did not appear overly hostile, I decided not to take any chances. If the others encounter them, their numbers should prove less intimidating.

In other notes, Lepidstadt seems to be bustling with news about a creature they call “The Beast.” From what I gather, “The Beast” is a flesh golem, an abomination of Necromancy. It stands accused of several murders in the surrounding area, and it goes on trial soon. Surely such a vile creation will be brought to justice. I only hope they execute it publicly so I may witness the destruction of the abomination. It will be yet another small victory over Necromancers everywhere.



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