Tyrannus Susurrat

Kronus Journal Entry: 29 Lamashan

On very few occasions has such confusion gripped my mind. It would seem that The Beast may not be guilty of the crimes for which he stands accused. On the first charge, he has been proven innocent by none other than Basilla, Syrian, and Julia.

Indeed, I have regrouped with the others, and joined in their task of investigating The Beast’s Crimes. We investigated Hergstag earlier this evening, and we did discover beyond all doubt that The Beast had no involvement in to murder of the six children that died there. It would seem that they were slain by a wraith, and afterward, their spirits rose as wraith spawns. Unfortunately, we only dispatched three of the six spawns before we took care of the original wraith… So now there are three more full-fledged wraiths roaming about. In any case, we have recovered the missing bodies of four of the children, and gathered enough evidence to prove the… innocence.. of The Beast.

Tomorrow, we will present our evidence to the court.

(Scribbled in as side notes on this page) During the encounter with the wraiths in Hergstag, I heard a voice… Not the voice of one of my comrades, no.. But a voice I feel that I have heard before. Perhaps it was simply the wraiths playing tricks on my mind, but it seemed strange.



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