Tyrannus Susurrat

Kronus Journal Entry - 30 Lamashan

I must admit that it is still difficult to swallow that The Beast may be an innocent creature. Every ounce of my fiber yearns for some shred of evidence that our findings have been mislead by coincidence and that The Beast is somehow guilty in these matters. I am apparently not the only person with these feelings, as after the finding that the beast is innocent of the second charge, the citizens of Lepidstadt formed into an angry mob and attempted to take The Beast from his cell in order to punish it without trial. This is in spite of the fact that the dead children themselves testified in the courtroom that it was not The Beast that killed them. It took a great deal of discipline to keep from joining them, but in the end, the law and the system must be upheld. If we allow ourselves to slip away from a civilized method of justice, then we are no better than those that we seek to condemn.

After presenting our compelling evidence to the court, we headed out to investigate the burned asylum. We weren’t able to find much, but we were able to gather up some clues that lead us to an alchymic workshop. Things did seem to go awry from the very start when speaking with Grimes, the filthy co-owner of the workshop. He held a very aggressive demeanor masked by the “pleasantries” of business. Indeed, I believe that he aimed to threaten us with the undead hound golem that patrols the front of the building. Inside was a menagerie of twisted abominations called mongrelmen. These were apparently the workers in the vile factory. Shortly into the tour, Grimes became more overtly hostile and began to flee, ordering the mongrelmen to attack us. The pathetic beasts were hardly a match for our group, so our investigations went on virtually unhindered.

It was in the closet of Grimes’s partner that we discovered a set of human skins, the likes of which would be worn by a vile creature that can switch freely between the skins to appear as different persons in the town. It is clear now that our adversary could be anyone, anywhere, at any time.



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