Cilas Graydon

The retired Margrave of Sturnidae, now a political exile


Graydon stands nearly 6 feet tall, with a slender build, long features, and a sharp nose. He wears his hair cropped short and has a carefully trimmed goatee and waxed mustache. The scar across his left eyebrow is a sign of his martial prowess, typically associated with the elite military commanders of Ustalav and especially Lepidstadt.

Although retired, the Margrave remains a sharp and near-flawless strategist. In addition to serving as a powerful statesman, Graydon is also a serious hunter who frequently stays at Ascanor. During the evenings when he is not hunting, the other guests frequently consult him on matters of defense, strategy, and military affairs. For the past few days, Graydon has been expecting the arrival of his close friend and political associate Echtmoor Dravin.

Nearing 50 years old, Cilas has seen many armed conflicts in his life. He served under Count Neska of Barstoi, and is infamous for the ruthless brutality of his martial strategies. He now stands universally loathed by citizens of both Ardeal and Barstoi.

Toward the end of the civil war between Barstoi and Ardeal, Graydon broke with Neska and openly denounced him as a tyrant, an act that many credit as one of the causes behind Neska’s retreat from Ardeal. Forced to flee his home county, Graydon sought amnesty in Lozeri. Back in Barstoi, Neska convicted Graydon of treason, revoked his title, and placed a sizable bounty on his head. For his part, Graydon continues to identify himself by his ancestral title as an act of fearlessness and defiance.


Werewolves of the Shudderwood:

  • Not asked.

Stairs of the Moon:

  • Not asked.

Other Guests:

  • Not asked.

Visitors in Black:

  • Late in the night on the 5th of Neth, some visitors came to the Lodge. Cilas remembers seeing them as he suffering from a night of insomnia, and thought it odd that anyone knowledgeable would travel at night in the Shudderwood. He watched them for long enough to determine they were barely armed at all — again a curiosity — and then finally dismissed it for ponderings in the morning.

    When the strangers weren’t around in the morning, Cilas dismissed them as being foolish travelers who had bartered for supplies.

Cilas Graydon

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