Delgros Kroitzcer

Ascanor Lodge's Huntmaster


Delgros Kroitzcer serves as Ascanor’s huntsmaster and leads (or at least accompanies) the majority of hunts for the lodge’s guests. Delgros may well be one of Ascanor’s most dangerous men, if only for his recklessness. A brilliant game hunter, he prides himself on capturing aggressive and exotic animals, which he keeps in a series of subterranean pens beneath the lodge grounds for the hunting pleasure of Ascanor’s guests.

Delgros rarely appears in the lodge itself, except when it is time to tell stories of the hunt. Only then does he show up, delivering short but terrifying tales of fearsome forest creatures, particularly those he keeps in his beast pens, hoping to entice his wealthy patrons into paying extra for an “exotic” hunt.

Delgros is in his early thirties, and he possesses a fine physique. Still, his appearance seems to complement his gruff demeanor, which he uses to his advantage, particularly with pampered city nobles who become titillated by what they consider his “feralness.”


Werewolves of the Shudderwood:

  • Delgros confirmed the research on the werewolf packs. He also noted that the packs all seem to be unusually aggressive lately, and he’s cancelled most of the planned hunts due to the increased risk of Werewolf attacks.

    Delgros added that the werewolf Mathias is seen as a bit of a usurper.

Stairs of the Moon:

  • Delgros has heard of the Stairs of the Moon, and knows that it’s sacred to the packs, but has never been there and knows nothing of its location. He’s always considered it to be a bit of a myth, as he’s traipsed all over the forest surrounding the Lodge and has never encountered any mysterious ruins.

Other Guests:

  • Not asked.

Visitors in Black:

  • Not asked.

Delgros Kroitzcer

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