Black Blade (Nexus)

Massive Black Bastard Sword

weapon (melee)
+2 Enhancement Bonus

INT: 12
WIS: 8
CHA: 8
EGO: 8

Special Abilities:

Alertness- While a Magus is wielding his Black Blade, he gains the Alertness Feat

Black Blade Strike- As a free action, the Magus can spend a point from his Black Blade’s arcane pool to give it a +1 bonus on damage rolls for 1 minute. For every four levels beyond first, this ability gives the Black Blade another +1 on damage rolls.

Telepathy- While the Magus is wielding or carrying his Black Blade, he can communicate telepathically with the blade in a language that the Magus and the Black Blade share.

Unbreakable- As long as it has at least 1 point in its arcane pool, a black blade is immune to the broken condition. If broken, the black blade is unconscious and powerless until repaired. If destroyed, the black blade can be reforged 1 week later through a special ritual that costs 200 gp per magus level. The ritual takes 24 hours to complete.

Energy Attunement- At 5th level, as a free action, a magus can spend a point of his black blade’s arcane pool to have it deal one of the following types of damage instead of weapon damage: cold, electricity, or fire. He can spend 2 points from the black blade’s arcane pool to deal sonic or force damage instead of weapon damage. This effect lasts until the start of the magus’s next turn.


This weapon is a form of sentient magical item that was created centuries ago by the Archmage Nex. The blade, named Nexus by its creator, has been tasked with the purpose of keeping Nex’s progeny safe and to help goad them towards Nex’s ultimate release from the sanctuary that has become his prison.

Black Blade (Nexus)

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