Tag: Ravengro Shop


  • Ravengro Forge

    Located just off of [[Ravengro Town Square | the town square]], the local blacksmith shop is run by a middle-aged dwarven woman named [[:jorfa]].

  • Ravengro Outward Inn

    For those who have the money to spend, there is _literally_ no better place to stay in [[Ravengro]]. A rather posh bed and breakfast that overlooks the river running through the center of [[Ravengro]], it's owned and operated by [[:sarianna-vai]]. On …

  • The Laughing Demon

    The down-to-earth tavern just off of the [[Ravengro Town Square | town square]] in [[Ravengro]]. Operated by [[:zokar-elkarid]], the fare here is cheap and common. [[:zokar-elkarid | Zokar]] does what he can to lighten the mood in the town by "fancifyin …

  • Ravengro General Store

    Typically, the general store in Ravengro is the busiest building in town. Not only does it have one of the town's [[Ravengro Posting Poles | posting poles]] outside, but it also has its own post for livestock trades between farms. Business is further …