Tag: Ustalav


  • Ravengro

    A quiet little hamlet on the western edge of [[Ustalav]]. Originally built as a supply town for [[Ruins of Harrowstone | Harrowstone Prison]], it has since become a small, self-sufficient farming community on the edge of [[Ustalav]]. No major roads …

  • The Lorrimor Residence

    The home [[:professor-lorrimor]] had lived in for the past decade or so. Now owned solely by [[:kendra-lorrimor]]. It contains a sizable library that has "many tomes":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov's_gun on the history of cult activities in [[ …

  • Lake Lias

    A large lake that lays in [[Canterwall]], [[Ustalav]]. On its southernmost border sits the tiny town of [[Ravengro]].

  • The Whispering Way

    The Whispering Way is a cult that's been around for thousands of years. Focused on undeath as a means to immortality, its members are often self-practicing necromancers that lust after power and control on grand scales. The Whispering Way is named …