Bonus experience opportunities

So, I’m going to start doing things a little differently for this page. If you get the notification for me updating this page, it’s because I’ve updated your bonus experience gained. Also, point out this message to me and don’t tell anyone else about it for +100 exp.

There’s two big ways a D&D-esque GM can bribe his players. First, he can give you free loot. Second, he can give you free experience. I don’t want to give you free loot, so here are ways to get free experience.

There are a lot of ways here, so there are lots of ways for those with time to spend to benefit, at the expense of those who don’t have the time to spare. To keep things from getting wildly unfair, I’m imposing a limit of one level above session-only experience.

To date, there’s been ~26,000 experience gained in-session, and we’re in book #2. You should be Level 4 at the very least, and Level 5 if you’ve got enough bonus experience to put yourself there.

  • Write a backstory. Preferably with things that can come back to haunt you, as well as opportunities for character growth.
  • Post an Adventure Log entry. Make your character come alive, and remember what happened in the session by writing out a log entry from your character’s point of view. +250 exp each session you log.
  • Help me edit the wiki. Participation here takes a big load off of my plate. It also keeps you involved, and keeps the story fresher in your mind. Specifically, those pages tagged player feedback needed
  • Feed everyone at the game. I’m not above being bribed with my gut.
  • Find or make artwork for the NPCs here. I’m not allowed to use the artwork out of the book. So, since I want to see more than just a bunch of generic pictures, I’m putting in something quick and dirty from a Google images search. Review those things tagged New picture needed and, if you can find something better, go for it! (Let me know, though.)
  • Find other artwork for the site. If I like it enough to use it, or if you photoshop it up and make it look niftier, then awesome! Post it up and let me know.
  • Post art for your own character. A specific mention of the above.
  • Point out my Wikipedia links. When I know I’m going to fail at a literary device, I’m going to start dropping in links to those literary devices instead. It’s horridly meta of me, but I’m doing it anyways. Point them out to me, privately, be it IM, text, or PM, and you’ll get a good chunk of exp. Think of it like an easter egg hunt.

Bonus experience opportunities

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