Campaign Timeline

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11 Lamashan4686Basilla D’Cieri was born.
23 Neth4689Distawrwydd was born.
 6 Desnus4693Professor Lorrimor retires from the University of Lepidstadt.
14 Sarenith4694Professor Lorrimor moves to Ravengro with his daughter.
12 Rova4708Messengers dispatched to track down and deliver a message to some of the Professor’s most trusted contacts.
27 Rova, PM4708The campaign starts.
28 Rova4708Professor Lorrimor’s funeral is carried out with some slight problems from the locals.
28 Rova, PM4708The reading of the Last Will and Testament of Professor Lorrimor. His close friends and trusted colleagues are requested to stay in town for a month, to help his daughter get on her feet again, before moving on to bigger and better things.
30 Rova,4708First trek to the Ruins of Harrowstone. Group meets and talks with Vesorianna Hawkran.
Highharvesttide Locals gathered in Ravengro and celebrate the end of the harvest season with a bountiful feast.

(Occurs as an “out of week” day between 30 Rova and 1 Lamashan)
 5 Lamashan,4708Musicians gather at the Outward Inn to perform and celebrate. The Exorcists of Harrowstone use this party as an impromptu celebration for the town.
27 Lamashan,4708The Party’s obligatory month in Ravengro ended, and the trek to Lepidstadt began.
PM 28 Lamashan, 4708The Party encountered the Crooked Kin on the road to Lepidstadt.
PM 28 Lamashan, 4708The Party arrives in Lepidstadt. They deliver The Professor’s borrowed books to Doctor Montagnie Crowl at the University of Lepidstadt, and walk in to the remains of The Beast’s break-in.

After talking with Doctor Montagnie Crowl, the party initially learns of The Beast’s Crimes.
PM 28 Lamashan, 4708The Party meets with Judge Embreth Daramid at her home to deliver the fourth (untitled) book. She gives them their reward for the task, and also asks them to discretely investigate The Beast’s Crimes.
PM 28 Lamashan, 4708The investigators work tirelessly through the night to investigate the Slayings in Morast.
AM 29 Lamashan, 4708Day 1 of the The Beast’s Crimes. The evidence discovered in Morast is heard, with favorable light on the Beast’s noninvolvement.
PM 29 Lamashan, 4708The investigators head straight to Hergstag to investigate the youthicide and otherworldly activities that have gone on there.
AM 30 Lamashan, 4708Day 2 of the The Beast’s Crimes. The evidence discovered in Hergstag is heard, with all of the questioned children stating explicitly that the Beast did not kill them. The common crowd seems enraged by this, and looks ready to dispense some of their own justice.
AM 1 Neth, 4708Day 3 of the The Beast’s Crimes. The crime of Arson at the Asylum shall be reviewed, followed by a grand sentencing. Should The Beast of Lepidstadt be found guilty of even one charge, its punishment as an owner-less golem shall be destruction via immolation in the Punishing Man.
PM 2 Neth, 4708The Beast of Lepidstadt wanders off back into Dipplemere Swam, after inviting the party to come visit his father, “Caromarc”.
PM 2 Neth, 4708Judge Embreth Daramid makes good on her promise of doubling the Investigators’ reward, and hands over another sum of 100 pp. She asks the party to go investigate the Beast’s “father”, suggesting that it may be Count Alpon Caromarc.
3 Neth4708The Party travels to Schloss Caromarc.
4 PM 3 Neth4708The Party arrives at Schloss Caromarc, only to find a small tribe of trolls and their goblin slaves holed up in the guardhouse.
3 Neth – 9 Neth4708The Party cleans out Schloss Caromarc in a series of 15 minute work days.
9 Neth – 14 Neth4708The Party heads back to Lepidstadt to prepare and gather supplies for their final assault in the Schloss Caromarc.
14 Neth4708Kronus Magossi falls in a fight, holding off a horrible abomination so that Basilla D’Cieri and Cwen can escape with their lives.
18 Neth4708The moon was half waxing. (Halfway between a new moon and a full moon.)
20 Neth4708This is where we left off.
  Upcoming events
25 Neth4708The next full moon.

Campaign Timeline

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