Character creation rules

  • Two traits to select. One must be from the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide, and the other can be of any kind. Rich Parents is a specific exclusion, and is not allowed. Instead, pick the campaign trait that gives you more starting money.
  • We’re into book #2 of the adventure, and so you should be level 4 by the time you sit down at the table. Either start at level 4, or level yourself up to 4.
  • Character starting wealth according to this chart. Please note, the balanced approach as suggested below the table is a strong suggestion.
  • Your character should have personality. Examples, and things I want to know about:

Your character should be afraid of something or some things. Anything. But there should be some underlying fears. Is it snakes, ala Indiana Jones? Is it a fear of failure? A fear of being alone?

Your character should also love something. Perhaps its the courtly love of Lancelot. Perhaps its the materialistic love of money that Scrooge McDuck has.

Whatever these things are, let the GM know about them. These two examples — loves and fears — will be mandatory at some point, where “mandatory” means free experience.

  • Schrödinger’s character sheet: For the first level you play at the table, so long as your character concept stays the same, you can change some of the particulars of your character between sessions. Once you level up, it’s set in stone.
  • Three draws from the Harrow Deck. These cards are character-specific.

Character creation rules

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