gothic horror roleplaying

  • Please don’t make a Mary Sue character.
  • Slapstick can be great fun and enjoyable. But when we’re trying to get into the mood, it can be a total mood killer.
  • A gothic campaign differs from a typical campaign in that the characters should be afraid. They’re strong, and they’re smart, and they’re definitely a cut above the rest.. but there’s always a bigger fish, and it may just be behind you.
  • Gothic horror does not necessarily imply playing an “evil” character. Characters of all alignments and classes can be found in gothic horror settings, from the most Lawful Good Paladin to the most evil Witch or Warlock.

Players! Add your own.

Bota Says: Fear is a powerful emotion that will affect even the most daring hero, but there are many forms of fear that we, as players, must understand and portray. For instance:

*Fear of losing one’s life or combat fear would affect one’s actions in battle. The best example I can give of this is our recent encounter with the leech swarms in the flooded tower. Kronus ran and sat back in character out of fear of dying. Which extends out to out of character, which is my fear of losing a character I have much invested in. Therefore, Combat Fear should take hold any time you feel that your character’s life is genuinely threatened.

*Passive aggressive fear of the unknown. Our Characters are delving into areas that most mortals would avoid at all costs. Some of these areas aren’t so scary, others would scare the piss out of anyone. We do not have the luxury of being afraid of moving forward, so we suppress that and press on.

*Mistrust. This, in my opinion, is a form of fear born of fear. Think about the party as it stands; how well do we really know each other? Do we know for certain that the Dhampir will not try to drain us in the middle of the night? Do we know that our new psycho-looking comrade isn’t going to go all Charles Manson. on us? Do you know for certain that the Psion isn’t trying to control your mind? or that the Magus never reveals his face for some dark reason? Maybe the Oracle is really in touch with her homeland’s culture and intends to feed us all to the nine hells? These are things to ask yourselves.

*Finally, Phobias. Bob wanted us all to come up with things that we are scared of that must be overcome. It is up to you to determine how your character will deal with his or her fear of x, y, or z. Maybe your character pushes through like a gallant hero (Boring), or maybe the act of overcoming a phobia makes something change inside of him/her that affects his/her personality. Maybe you fail to overcome your fear and feel the guilt of having been worthless to the party when you were needed? Up to you.

gothic horror roleplaying

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