player resources


  • Online Pathfinder SRD – Online Pathfinder system reference document.
  • Paizo – Publisher of the Pathfinder rules system.
  • Reaper Miniatures – Excellent character miniatures site.
  • Stuffer Shack – Gaming blog. Loaded with articles on roleplaying, character building, and general inspiration. Also has an excellent Resources section.

Character Builders

  • OgreSheet, an Excel spreadsheet that works for most characters. Does not have support for some classes in the Advanced Players’ Guide, nor does it have support for Carrion Crown. For that reason, if you can stomach the complexity, the following entry is recommended for this adventure path at this time.
  • PCGen, a more robust and more complicated solution. If you want a solution and OgreSheet won’t handle it, then PCGen probably will or can be made to. Does not have native support for Carrion Crown, though it can (with some hair-pulling) be made to.


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player resources

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