A quiet little hamlet on the western edge of Ustalav. Originally built as a supply town for Harrowstone Prison, it has since become a small, self-sufficient farming community on the edge of Ustalav.

No major roads run through Ravengro, and aside from the nearby Ruins of Harrowstone, the only other notable landmark is Lake Lias nearby to the north. As a result, visitors to Ravengro are few and far between, and often find themselves the unwitting victims of the town’s gossip-mongering citizens.

Despite its small size and isolated nature, Ravengro has a few notable businesses. Those looking to stay a night somewhere end up at either the (comparatively) upper-scale Outward Inn or the more down-to-earth The Laughing Demon tavern. The General Store has the biggest share of the town’s business, as it supplies the local farmers with all the seed and tools they need, as well as facilitating livestock transactions from farm to farm. Adventuring sorts should take note of the local dwarven blacksmith, the local apothecary, the jail, and the local schoolhouse run by a retired wizard.


Other notable places in Ravengro

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