Ruins of Harrowstone

Harrowstone was a prison built by Count Eigen Lorres I in 4594. It was the last place that the worst of Ustalav’s criminals were sent to, up until it burned in 4661. No attempts to repurpose the ruined building were ever attempted and it stands empty and hollowed out even now.

The locals of Ravengro believe the ruins to be haunted, and are typically hesitant to speak of it in anything more than hurried whispers. Even before the fire that destroyed the prison, Harrowstone had a reputation in Ravengro and greater Ustalav as being a place of ill omens. Almost all of the nation’s executions of the time occured in those walls, often in full view of all the convicts who were interred there.

The building of Harrowstone in 4594 was the genesis of Ravengro as a town, as it was founded specifically as a supply town with living quarters for the guards’ families. As a result, the town suffered great turmoil when the guards who lived in the town died in the fire. Harrowstone Memorial was built on the river’s bank to honor the sacrifice of those brave men.

And, sacrifice it indeed was. What few reports the surviving guards told spoke of a riot gone out of hand. Prisoners had broken free and started to cause pandemonium in the lowest levels. When the riot seemed like it might break to the surface, Warden Hawkran triggered one of the prison’s failsafes and locked himself and 23 other guards down in the dungeon with the prisoners. Whether they survived until the fire is unclear. A desperate push from the convicts caused the token handful of guards on the surface to panic, and the stores of oil and pitch were ignited. A fire quickly took over the prison, destroying most of the underground eastern wing and severely damaging the rest of the prison, but leaving the surface above ground relatively intact.

Strangely, the Warden’s wife also died in the fire, though why she was there at the prison is a mystery still to this day.

Ruins of Harrowstone

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