The Beast's Crimes

This page is important. REALLY IMPORTANT.

The Beast of Lepidstadt has been accused of a number of crimes. The Trial that commences shortly charges him with Murder on all the following counts. Should the Beast be convicted of any one of these crimes, he will surely see his fiery punishment in the Punishing Man that is being erected outside the Courthouse.

  1. Murder of Ten Citizens of Morast (ten months ago)
  2. Murder of Six Children in Hergstag (seven months ago)
  3. Ransack, Arson, and Resultant Murder at Sanctuary on Karb Isle (four months ago)

The Beast has also been accused of stealing the Seasage Effigy from the University in Lepidstadt, but this crime is being overlooked by the prosecution due to the crime’s non-violent sentence. As well, the University — and Doctor Montagnie Crowl in particular — is not concerned with pressing charges against the Beast because of the Seasage Effigy’s apparent non-worth.

The Beast's Crimes

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