Petros's Tomes

Books Petros borrowed from the University of Lepidstadt


Five books, in all. First, Petros Lorrimor’s journal, along with its circled entries that started everyone on the path of investigating the ruins of Harrowstone. Second, The Umbral Leaves, made out of flayed human skin and inked in human blood. Third, On Verified Madness, a nigh-incomprehensible book about the things that live between the stars in the Dark Tapestry. Fourth, Serving Your Hunger, the unholy text to the undead goddess Urgathoa. And finally, the last book, an untitled book, bound in thick purple leather. On its cover, a golden scarab with an inset eye has been fashioned into the lock that prevents you from discretely reviewing its pages.

The Journal is yours to keep and do whatever you wish with. Kendra has casually inquired about it, but she’s unaware that the group has it, and she might be disturbed by the writings she would find within.

The Umbral Leaves, On Verified Madness, and Serving Your Hunger are all tomes that were borrowed from the library at the University of Lepidstadt, and should be returned there.

The final book has only a single note attached to it, directing its discrete return to Judge Embreth Daramid.


Petros's Tomes

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